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Nigel Harris is an established and recognised non-profit sector leader with a strong focus on fundraising and philanthropy. With a career spanning nearly 40 years, Nigel is one of Australia’s most experienced and successful health foundation CEOs and a respected advisor to organisational leaders, fundraising executives, and donors.

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We help charities and non-profit organisations to develop philanthropic and fundraising leadership for social impact. We also work with funders to optimise your philanthropic experience.

Find out how we can help you respond to your challenges and opportunities in creating social impact.

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Delivering impact &
change over decades

Nigel Harris AM is a highly regarded leader in the not-for-profit sector. His career spans overy 40 years, mostly in executive roles. He held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Mater Foundation (Queensland) for 24 years between 1996 – 2020. 

Nigel now works with boards and executives to solve challenges in fundraising and philanthropy. Nigel is also a sought-after speaker and educator.

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Why engage Nigel Harris & Associates

Build leadership capacity.

We help boards and executive teams build knowledge and skills to increase their philanthropic leadership and fundraising capacity.

Respond to modern challenges.

We examine the sustainability of strategies and programs to establish a strong position for the future.

Make strategic investments.

We help you align budgets and business plans with a solid long-term strategy.

Integrate business goals.

We make sure that fundraising programs support business objectives, supporting the organisation’s commitment to serving mission.

Create meaningful measures of success.

We reframe reporting to focus on outcomes and impacts, rather than simply outputs.

Guided by decades of experience.

Draw on the expertise of Nigel Harris, a leader in fundraising and philanthropy for nearly 40 years.

Get a free 30-minute consultation to explore your challenges and discover how we can help.


How Nigel Harris helped Mater Foundation achieve lasting impact

When Nigel Harris first started at Mater Foundation, he was one member of a small team. The foundation was running a variety of fundraising programs to support the work of the Mater hospitals.

These programs had evolved independent of each other, with one program led by the CEO and another led by a Board member. A third program was an iconic community fundraising program, just returning to viability.

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