Nigel Harris & Associates

What we do

At Nigel Harris and Associates, we help boards and leadership teams face modern challenges in philanthropy and fundraising. Our advisory and consultancy services can help you build a sustainable, strategic approach to fundraising.

Fundraising is changing rapidly

Charities and not-for-profit organisations encounter a range of challenges. Economic uncertainty, an increasingly competitive environment and internal change can all place pressure on an organisation’s philanthropic support and fundraising programs.

Research and experience tells us there may also be a limited understanding of fundraising at the board level of an organisation. Decisions are often based on guesswork, instinct or personal preference. When these approaches are embedded, it’s hard to find new solutions to complex problems.

Leadership builds success

Fundraising leadership goes beyond fundraising practices and programs. It looks at why you raise money and what social issue you are serving. 

Successful organisations have strong fundraising leaders at senior levels. These leaders develop expertise in fundraising and make the case for investment in fundraising. These leaders are also supported at Board and executive level.

They champion new thinking and strategies to deliver long-term sustainable outcomes. They plan for the future, working to retain staff and build their skills. 

Organisations with strong fundraising leadership can easily answer these questions:

Strengthen your culture of philanthropy

Nigel Harris and Associates helps not-for-profit and fundraising organisations become more successful through philanthropic and fundraising leadership. 

Philanthropy is more than just giving money. It is framed around how donors see themselves, their relationship with others, and their aspirations for a better world.

Fundraising is more than just the action of raising funds. It requires deep thinking and exploration of ideas. It should look at outcomes and impacts, not just outputs.

Working with you in partnership, we can:

A new approach to take you forward

Nigel Harris and Associates helps leaders shift traditional thinking and reconsider how success is measured. 

We begin by listening deeply and building a solid understanding of your organisation and challenges.

We ask questions that lead to new insights, and develop strategies guided by research, experience and teaching. 

We help you build leadership capacity in fundraising, and support team members who are ready to learn and grow.